The Miyu Gallery is a consulting gallery operating in the field of contemporary art. It is an extension of the eponymous production and distribution company, specialized in animation and recognized internationally. Since 2021, the gallery’s objective has been to showcase the visual and plastic work of animation filmmakers by offering them opportunities for production and exhibition.

The Miyu Gallery has thus established partnerships with several cultural institutions, notably the Frac Picardie Haut-de-France, with whom it co-organizes a residency dedicated to contemporary scene artists wishing to create works using animated techniques. The first residents are Christine Rebet and Abdelkader Benchamma.

The Miyu Gallery collaborates with the Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation, the Frac Picardie Haut-de-France, and the Annecy Festival to curate the ANIMA exhibition in Annecy, which explores the convergence between animation and contemporary art.

The gallery works actively with the Frac Picardie Haut-de-France on the creation of the world’s first Art Center dedicated to animated imagery, aiming to highlight the richness and diversity of contemporary animated creation while fostering fruitful dialogue between these two artistic fields and thus inscribing animated techniques in the history of contemporary art.