Marie Larrivé
La lune et les feux

Marie Larrivé captures moments where time seems suspended, creating a peculiar sensation of weightlessness. Drawing inspiration from her travels and explorations, Larrivé introduces us to expansive, untouched spaces, where the human figure traverses without ever imposing itself. Nature overflows and sketches the outlines of intriguing and enigmatic worlds. The elements at play act like magnetic forces, transporting us to atmospheres imbued with melancholy and mystery.

Light plays a crucial role in Marie Larrivé's work. It dispersed, pulled back, or focused in particular areas, forming moments of dramatic tension. Through light, a true chromatic odyssey unfolds, where soft tones coexist with vibrant shades, imparting enchanting atmospheres to the artworks. The intricate and nuanced color palettes emerge from the artist's thoughtful exploration of chromatics and her artistic process. The use of a broad spectrum ranging from pastels to fluorescents allows for striking contrasts while expressing the dramatic essence of the depicted scenes. The graphic variety in Marie Larrivé's work brings a wealth of materiality, illustrated notably by a combination of diverse painting techniques.