Sawako Kabuki
Butt Therapy

Butt Therapy is Sawako Kabuki’s first solo exhibition in Europe. She reveals her creative universe in a deeply personal manner in it.

Through this exhibition, Sawako Kabuki showcases original works that depict, as she describes it, “the four necessities, or desires, of life, such as food, sex, sleep (relaxation), and excretion”. Her distinctive style expresses these simple pleasures with humor and sensuality, which stands out not only in technique but also in the subjects she portrays. Her works, instinctive and pop, break away from traditional confines, brimming with a myriad of depicted bodies. The artist creates by projecting herself, drawing from her experiences and fantasies, and presents a multitude of scenarios.

Her distinctive graphic style stands out with its vibrant and captivating colors, eliciting a blend of fascination and repulsion often associated with her films. Her works embrace nudity and sexuality in animations that can be both humorous and unsettling. In her visual creations, the primary subjects often depict waves of small characters resembling bodily fluids, swarming beneath the skin, teeth, and nails of naked bodies, where they undergo actions such as scratching, plucking, and excretion...