Artist collective
Matières à animer

Artist collective : Boris Labbé, Sébastien Laundenbach, Vergine Keaton, Céline Devaux, Théodore Ushev, Florence Miailhe, Dahee Jehong, Momoko Seto

La Cinémathèque française and Galerie Miyu have forged an unprecedented partnership, driven by the shared ambition to promote animation and enhance la Cinémathèque française collection with materials and films from independent contemporary animation production.

This collaboration came to fruition in April 2023 with the donation of carefully selected works. These were chosen not only for their virtuosity and diverse graphic techniques but also for their profound artistic value.

Ten directors from the international contemporary animation scene, comprising five men and five women, were selected. This diverse group includes notable figures in animated cinema and emerging artists from the new generation. They provided la Cinémathèque française with non-film materials, including items used in the film’s production such as preparatory drawings, research notebooks, storyboards, animation sheets, animation cels, and, in some cases, digital files. In addition, they contributed 35-millimeter films in both celluloid and digital formats, showcasing certain short and feature-length films from their portfolios.


The exhibition showcases a selection from the donation to highlight the artistic richness of contemporary animated creation, a field of artistic expression often unfamiliar to the general public.
The display encompasses a variety of techniques, including watercolor in the works of Boris Labbé and Theodore Ushev. Céline Devaux presents ink on PVC, a signature technique of the filmmaker. Vergine Keaton's contribution takes the form of a cartography of Bataille, representing the artist's ongoing feature film project. Florence Mihail exhibits three pastel drawings from her film 'Shéhérazade', while Dahee Jeong presents three drawings created using mixed techniques. Momoko Seto showcases two printed maps from the research of her upcoming feature film 'Planètes'. Gianluigi Toccafondo presents a series of large paintings mounted on canvas. Koji Yamamura and Georges Schwizgebel will exhibit painted celluloid and drawings.