Mathieu Dufois
La trilogie des vestiges

Mathieu Dufois, the first artist invited by the Miyu Gallery for a solo exhibition, centers around his Trilogie des Vestiges – three animated films created between 2012 and 2017. The exhibition also features the graphic elements integral to their creation, presented in an original composition. It literally unveils the backstage and unravels the secret of Mathieu Dufois’s cinematic creation, offering a fresh perspective on the artist’s universe. La Trilogie des Vestiges reveals the nostalgic and unsettling aspects of a distant yet familiar memory, remnants of a dream that haunts us.

Inspired by Hollywood film noir, the artist creates spaces with a destabilizing poetry. Through these fictional territories, Mathieu Dufois's animations trace three stages of the temporality of an urban landscape: ruin, alteration, and prosperity. Each of the films is set in a familiar world while distinguishing itself through its visual universe and narrative structure. Addressing the theme of memory, the artist constructs his works from archival documents, personal memories, lived or imagined experiences, as well as locations or events. He unveils these elements through the urban motif and its archaeological perspective. The result is a certain melancholy belonging both to the collective unconscious and the artist's subjectivity.

Dessin à la pierre noire sur papier 23 x 36 cm