Anne Chpakovski
If I stop the beat

Chpakovski’s work captivates with its adeptness at capturing potent emotions nestled within seemingly unremarkable moments. Details such as a car ride, a farewell party, or a cherished pair of shoes become vessels for profound emotional depth. Intimacy quietly resides within these ordinary fragments, and it is in the everyday that genuine reality flourishes. The artist draws inspiration from scenes in her own lived experiences, cherishing them for their simplicity.

Anne Chpakovski employs a self-fictional approach that seamlessly weaves together image and writing, aiming to capture a sense of open intimacy while portraying the portrait of her generation. Despite the seemingly light and innocent style, her work conceals the gravity of certain addressed subjects. Intimate explorations, inquiries into boundaries, losses of meaning, and conflicting emotions seamlessly find their place in her art. Brimming with colors and gentleness, the artist's work unveils a profound reflection on her environment.