Vergine Keaton
Transformations silencieuses

For her debut solo show, Vergine Keaton presents original works in Transformations silencieuses and continues her exploration of landscapes through video installations created specifically for the exhibition. Her animations delve into aspects that her cinematic projects might not allow: giving significance to the background, highlighting elements often considered mere ‘sets’, and allowing images unfold slowly in movements sometimes barely visible.

The landscapes, as they arrange themselves, seek their own organization, emerging from micro-movements that accumulate despite their heterogeneity. The intention is to play with the limits of perception, to take the time to observe, to foster a form of acuity, and to turn detail into an event. These imperceptible movements over a human lifetime, and even invisible on the scale of the entire history of humanity, could be described as ‘silent transformations’, borrowing the term from philosopher François Jullien, “modifications that ceaselessly occur openly before us, but so consistently, so minutely, and in such a comprehensive manner that we either do not perceive them or cease to perceive them”.

Through a systematic deconstruction of time and movement, the technique of animation enables the exploration of temporalities, dimensions, and forces that exist beyond the human scale. It also allows for the creation of its own temporality, influencing time by manipulating, modulating, contracting, repeating, and accelerating it, all within a single motion. Vergine Keaton's work of recomposing and animating expansive landscapes allows her to perceive the world as a network of interactions, where elements are not separated from each other but rather intertwined. In Vergine Keaton's landscapes, the human and animal figures are entirely absent. The artist aims to make visible a set of events and phenomena that elude our perception.